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Guide to GoAkamai Beta 511 Traffic Information Line

Since its release in 2013, and the GoAkamai App have been helping travelers navigate the traffic landscape on Oahu by providing key commuter information in real time. Now, GoAkamai is adding a new resource, the Beta 511 Traffic Information Line, to provide a convenient way to get important traffic details via phone.

511 is now available to the public in its beta testing phase, which means GoAkamai will be asking for valuable user feedback to help guide and enhance the service. We encourage you to use 511 as a handy traffic touchstone, and ask that you share your opinion periodically to help us deliver the very best user experience possible. GoAkamai and the 511 Hawaii Traffic Information Line are made possible by the collaboration of the Hawaii State Department of Transportation and the City & County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services.

Navigating 511

511 is an interactive voice response system that provides public access to transportation information and services including real-time information regarding incidents, travel times and other helpful updates. From the Main Menu, please select from the following popular options: Traffic Conditions, Popular Travel Routes, Public Transportation, Freeway Service Patrol, Pothole Reporting and Ride Sharing. To contribute your recommendations or report issues, please say "leave a comment" or select this option from the complete list of choices available in the Main Menu. Here's a brief summary on the two primary features Traffic Conditions and Popular Travel Routes.

Traffic Conditions delivers up-to-date information about road conditions like accidents, construction activities, lane closures and congestion. Simply say a roadway or point of interest like "H1 Freeway", or choose from a comprehensive list, including the examples noted below. If there's anything going on, we'll tell you about it.



Nimitz Highway

Farrington Highway


H1 Freeway


Kam Highway




Ala Moana


Popular Travel Routes provides driving times for major routes on Oahu as well as any incidents along the way. For example, select "Downtown Freeway Trips" and then "Downtown to Airport" to hear the estimated drive time, exact distance and list of incidents. Your helpful guide will tell you what routes are available; simply follow her instructions to get the details you need.

Tell Us What You Think

We welcome your input and hope 511 will make your commute a little easier by sharing useful information about your drive. You can help us test the Beta 511 Traffic Information Line by simply dialing 5-1-1 any time from a landline or cell phone. As you interact, we will be monitoring and adjusting the system's ability to recognize your specific requests and provide easy-to-understand responses.

Please call as often as you like, and tell a few friends about GoAkamai's new Beta 511 Traffic Information Line! The more you use 511 during our beta testing phase, the better we are able to enhance the service to fit your needs. Mahalo for your role in improving this unique and useful service for Oahu travelers.

*If you are calling from your vehicle, please observe the highway traffic laws and be sure to use your hands-free technology or, even better, have your passenger make the call.